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Prometheus Decoded


Insightful stories from investment professionals. On Prometheus Decoded, the most intriguing people in the investment space share how they navigate the financial world, offering rare perspectives we can apply to our investing ideas and decisions.

Prometheus Decoded | EP 21

Viral marketing in 2022, the reign of the podcast, and the importance of experimentation w/ Jeremy Moser

Jeremy Moser is the Co-Founder and CEO of uSERP, a company that helps brands grow through performance-driven SEO and digital PR. In our chat, Jeremy talks about how uSERP helps companies like and Robin Hood get in front of the people who are most likely to convert via organic search. He describes why younger brands must experiment with ideas, gathering information that can reveal who their audience is and how they behave.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 20

From working at the world's most notorious hedge fund to founding collectibles trading platform w/ Emilio Masci

Emilio Masci is the founder of collectibles trading platform In our chat, Emilio tells us how his experience at SAC Capital related to his pivot into collectibles. We talk about the power of nostalgia and how collectibles are becoming an alternative asset class that more and more people want access to.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 19

How I blurred the line between retailer and influencer and built a diamond empire in a male-dominated space w/ Nicole Wegman

Nicole Wegman is the Founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, the leading luxury jeweler committed to designing for women by women. In our chat, Nicole describes the challenges she faced as a newcomer to the traditional, family-oriented, and male-dominated world of New York's diamond district and how she saw the opportunity to bring something fresh to the industry.

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Blockchain Minute

Sort through the noise that exists in crypto,  Blockchain Minute provides bite-sized podcasts on crypto market trends, innovative projects, current events, and much more. Aggregated information from Twitter, Discord, Telegram channels, and professionals.


Prometheus Decoded


Making sense of the stories beneath the headlines. We bring you experts to simply explain what's happening around the world, and current events in business, finance and technology.

Currently | EP 20

Amazon's real-estate reshuffle, the effect of rising interest rates, and what the coming housing slump will look like w/ Kyle Reardon

Kyle Reardon is a real estate expert, currently plying his trade at FactSet. In this podcast, Kyle gives us some context for what may be about to happen in the housing market. He explains why the developments of the recent past are becoming unfeasible due to borrowing money becoming more expensive and opines on Amazon's decision to pause or cancel the building of warehouse sites while ramping up construction of its data centers.

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Currently | EP19

Could Pelosi's Taiwan trip send shockwaves through tech? Tech stock earnings, infrastructure for AI, and an $NVDA bull thesis w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Josh takes about the importance of listening to earnings calls of companies you don't own and how Nancy Pelosi's purported trip to Taiwan could have massive and sudden implications for the tech sector. He describes his position on Nvidia, which he calls the best-placed company in the world for the years ahead, and explains how his Telsa pitch in 2019 meant he didn't get a gig at Steve Cohen's Point72.

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Currently | EP 18

Are commodities an inflationary safe haven? Alternative energy sources and implications of Russian gas exports w/ Robert Mullin

On this episode of Currently, we’re joined by Robert Mullin, General Partner and Portfolio Manager at Marathon Resource Advisors. We sat down with Robert to explore the factors contributing to rising commodity prices in this inflationary backdrop, when we could potentially see the trend come to an end, the economic implications of the tensions with Russia, alternative energy sources, and much more.

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