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Prometheus Decoded


Insightful stories from investment professionals. On Prometheus Decoded, the most intriguing people in the investment space share how they navigate the financial world, offering rare perspectives we can apply to our investing ideas and decisions.

Prometheus Decoded | EP 30

Matt Bilinsky on how (and why) the media is broken and how becoming an "information bloodhound" can fix it

Matt Bilinsky is a business attorney, self-described information bloodhound, and an outspoken critic of how news is constructed and consumed in the wake of the great awokening. In this podcast, Matt describes the dramatic shift in American values since the dawn of "great awokening," explains the media's central role in sowing division among people, and lays out their motives. He then details the decline in the quality of the people charged with delivering news, their propensity for bias, and other consequences of the monoculture's demise.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 29

SPECIAL EP: Kyle Bass on China, Robert Mullin on energy, & Jordi Visser's thoughts on a recession. The experts debate it all.

Special podcast episode with Kyle Bass, Jordi Visser, and Robert Mullin. They discuss the markets in 2023, the fed, energy prices, China, and more. For the Prometheus Investor Day.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 28

Steve Cohen’s top lieutenant on training good portfolio managers, reinventing the culture at SAC Capital (the real-life “Billions”) and how hedge funds can create more alpha in volatile markets w/ Perry Boyle

H. Perry Boyle is an investment industry veteran and current chairman of the BOMA project. Between 2004 and 2020, Perry held several positions at SAC and Point72. As SAC's Director of Research, Perry's job was to change the culture, which he did—in part—by creating a curriculum for analysts and making portfolio managers stakeholders in their future success. Perry tells us the “secret” of running a long/short portfolio, shares his thoughts on the increasing scarcity of alpha and describes how he came to be the chairman of the BOMA project: a poverty graduation program for women, youth, and displaced persons in East Africa.

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Sort through the noise that exists in crypto,  Blockchain Minute provides bite-sized podcasts on crypto market trends, innovative projects, current events, and much more. Aggregated information from Twitter, Discord, Telegram channels, and professionals.


Prometheus Decoded


Making sense of the stories beneath the headlines. We bring you experts to simply explain what's happening around the world, and current events in business, finance and technology.

Currently | EP 39

Banking Outlook, The Fed's Role, SVB, Credit Suisse, First Republic w/ Herb Greenberg, Enrique Abeyta, and Alex Beinfield

Today, Ryan Pallotta moderates a panel of financial experts discussing the causes of the current crisis in the banking sector and how investors can think about its aftermath.

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Currently | EP 38

He was short SVB! How Alex Beinfield predicted the implosion months before it happened and other cascading opportunities this week.

Short SVB since September 2022, Alex Beinfield shares his investment process explaining how he created his thesis for this massive short idea long before SVB collapsed. How a professional fund manager examines a theme and makes a trade that makes him look like a psychic. We also talk about other lateral opportunities that will happen as a result of this.

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Currently | EP 37

As FDIC shuts down SVB, Eric Rosen explains what lead to its collapse and the impact it will have on investors

Today, your host Ryan Pallotta is joined by the author of the Rosen Report and industry expert Eric Rosen. Today’s conversation focuses on: The Silicon Valley Bank (SVP) collapse. What led to it and what it means for investors. The Fed being partially to blame for banks like SVB needing to take on more risk by keeping rates so low for so long. SVB’s failure to keep a “fortress balance sheet" and take responsibility for its decisions. Eric’s assessment of Bear Stearns prior to its 2008 collapse and subsequent sale to JP Morgan Chase. What the 2/10 UST yield curve inversion tells us about the probability of a recession. The migration of HNW people to south Florida and its effect on high-end real estate prices. The recent phenomenon of kids being less enthusiastic about learning to drive and owning a car.

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