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Prometheus Studios is your source for insights into the stories and philosophies behind some of the most innovative investors and entrepreneurs in the world.

Michael Wang, Founder and CEO of Prometheus talks democratizing access to funds and education.

Democratization and education is our mission. Learn about our founder and CEO's story, investment philosophy, why he created Prometheus, and how he plans to change the landscape of investing.

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Lorenzo Thione of Gaingels talks Broadway, technology and impact investing

From Broadway to Wall Street, Lorenzo Thione is a star through and through. He shares with us the story of his rise to success, approach to inclusivity, investment philosophy, and more.

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Chris Blum, former J.P. Morgan asset manager talks behavioral investing and digital assets

Psychology is one of the most heavily weighted factors in a successful investing strategy. Behavioral investing professional Chris Blum shares some tricks of the trade he's learned over the years.

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