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Currently | EP 31

Sex, drugs, and Bahamian real estate. Examining the warning signs of FTX's collapse w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Josh talks about his reaction to FTX's collapse, the incongruencies beginning to arouse suspicion around Co-Founder Sam Bankman-Fried, and the salacious goings on at the exchange's Bahamian HQ. He then describes how so many seemingly sophisticated investors bought into what amounts to a Ponzi scheme and talks about how FTX's collapse could be a good thing for crypto in the long term.

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Currently | EP 30

Is China trying to make TikTok users dumber? What will a US ban on TikTok do to the price of Meta? What could cause the Metaverse project to be paused? w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Josh gets right into explaining how remote work may be leading to some grossly inaccurate job figures. He explains how a stronger dollar is bad news for multinationals with US expenses, then weighs in on a conspiracy theory that suggests TikTok exists to make people outside of China dumber. He also predicts that a total US ban of TikTok could result in Meta's share price doubling in a day.

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Currently | EP 29

How looking back in time can help prepare investors for a deep and prolonged recession w/ Dan Zwirn

Dan Zwirn, CEO & CIO at Arena Investors, LP. Their chat begins with a look at the current maelstrom of macroeconomic events through a historical lens and reminds us that we've never seen the sort of environment we see today without it leading to a full-blown panic. Dan offers everyday investors advice on how to navigate what will likely be a long and deep recession.

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Currently | EP 28

The art of guiding institutional investors through tumultuous times, w/ Daniel Clifton

Daniel Clifton, Partner and Head of Strategy research at Strategas Research Partners. In this podcast, Daniel explains how he helps institutional investors make decisions as the political landscape shifts and policies change. He describes the model that Strategas uses to accurately predict the outcome of general elections and explains why he thinks the current political environment looks like 1968.

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Currently | EP 27

Economic reality vs. investor positioning, portfolio management strategies to consider now, and the effects of WFH on productivity and career longevity w/ Alon Rosin

Alon Rosin is Managing Director and Head of Institutional Equity Derivatives at Oppenheimer & Co. In this podcast, Alon talks about economic reality vs. investor positioning, portfolio management strategies to consider now, why investing professionals lean on the expertise of people with strengths in other areas, and the effects of WFH/hybrid on productivity, career longevity, and real estate.

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Currently | EP 26

What Shopify's management shake-up signals, what makes cybersecurity stocks durable, at what price he'll repurchase Nvidia, and Tesla's enormous key-man risk w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Today's discussion is centered on Josh's focus on tech and touches upon Shopify's (SHOP) management team shake-up, cybersecurity stocks durability, the government-seeded headwinds that Nvidia (NVDA) is facing, and the likely outcome of greater vertical integration at Tesla (TSLA).

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Currently | EP 25

Kyle Bass on navigating a global recession, his new project (Conservation Equity Management), China/Taiwan tensions, and the European energy crisis

In this episode of Currently, Kyle Bass talks to us about his incredible project, Conservation Equity Management, how central banks are driving a global recession, where the economy is going, Kyles's current concerns about China, the global energy crisis, and more.

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Currently | EP 24

What meme stock activity may signal, the pitfalls of being caught between investing styles, and why this is the most target-rich environment for multi-baggers since 2009 w/ Enrique Abeyta

Enrique Abeya is a former hedge fund manager, a current financial newsletter editor, and the co-founder and CEO of digital media and e-commerce company Project M Group. Enrique talks about what the return of meme stock activity means, describes why this is the most target-rich environment for long-term, multi-baggers that he's seen since 2009, and talks about the pitfalls of not having a set idea about the kind of investor you are.

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Currently | EP 23

2023 profit predictions, concerns about tech stocks, and why meme stocks undermine confidence in the system w/ Jason Trennert

Jason Trennert is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Strategas and its related companies. In this chat, Jason lays out the three key principles that underpin the way he does business. He details his worries about tech companies valued on revenue growth and not growth in earnings or cash flows. He explains how meme stocks are damaging confidence in the system and companies’ ability to raise money.

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Currently | EP 22

The "dishonest" inflation reduction act, consumer behavior lag, investing against macro headwinds, and what's about to happen in China w/ Chris Blum

Chris Blum is the CEO of Maximum Effort Holdings and formerly held several roles within JP Morgan, including Head of Global Equities and Head of Digital and Data Transformation. Today we talk about what the Inflation Reduction Act does and doesn't do, the time lag between economic headwinds and consumer spending, how macro events change investing decisions, and how we can anticipate a tsunami of pent-up spending in the wake of Hong Kong loosening its COVID restrictions.

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Currently | EP 21

What is the future for Coinbase? CPI print analysis, $TSM, $NVDA, and more tech talk w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Today's discussion quickly turns to the market rallying on the CPI print. Josh explains why he's currently weighing up the prospect of taking capital off the table. Discussion of Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan trip and TSM leads to Nvidia with Josh explaining the size of his position in the firm. The pair then discuss why Coinbase's lean towards greater regulation in the space will inevitably attract more institutional money.

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Currently | EP 20

Amazon's real-estate reshuffle, the effect of rising interest rates, and what the coming housing slump will look like w/ Kyle Reardon

Kyle Reardon is a real estate expert, currently plying his trade at FactSet. In this podcast, Kyle gives us some context for what may be about to happen in the housing market. He explains why the developments of the recent past are becoming unfeasible due to borrowing money becoming more expensive and opines on Amazon's decision to pause or cancel the building of warehouse sites while ramping up construction of its data centers.

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Currently | EP19

Could Pelosi's Taiwan trip send shockwaves through tech? Tech stock earnings, infrastructure for AI, and an $NVDA bull thesis w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Josh takes about the importance of listening to earnings calls of companies you don't own and how Nancy Pelosi's purported trip to Taiwan could have massive and sudden implications for the tech sector. He describes his position on Nvidia, which he calls the best-placed company in the world for the years ahead, and explains how his Telsa pitch in 2019 meant he didn't get a gig at Steve Cohen's Point72.

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Currently | EP 18

Are commodities an inflationary safe haven? Alternative energy sources and implications of Russian gas exports w/ Robert Mullin

On this episode of Currently, we’re joined by Robert Mullin, General Partner and Portfolio Manager at Marathon Resource Advisors. We sat down with Robert to explore the factors contributing to rising commodity prices in this inflationary backdrop, when we could potentially see the trend come to an end, the economic implications of the tensions with Russia, alternative energy sources, and much more.

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Currently | EP 17

Attractive energy buys now. Next week's CPI print. Options strategies for beginners. Etsy, Shopify, Meta, Apple, and more w/ Daniel Kirsch

Daniel Kirsch is the Head of Options at leading investment bank Piper Sandler. Daniel talks about the outlook for energy producers and shares the reasons underpinning the recent explosion in options trading's popularity. He gives his thoughts on names like Etsy, Shopify, Meta, Apple, Tesla, Whirlpool, etc., and explains his firm's view on the severity and duration of the coming recession.

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Currently | EP 16

Tesla's EV rivals scrutinized. Plus Rocket Lab, Lemonade, Roblox, Nvidia, and the importance of not becoming a binary thinker w/ Emmet Peppers

Emmet Peppers is the Founder of Good Soil Investment Management. The Tesla expert tells us what he really thinks about the impact of the company's upcoming round of layoffs and the probable fate of the company's rivals. He explains why it's important to resist becoming a binary thinker and why he thinks that Nvidia could become one of the biggest companies of all time.

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Currently | EP 15

Explaining the contagion effect in crypto. 3AC, Celsius, Solana, Axie Infinity, and BTC-backed Microstrategy’s margin call w/ Henry Elder

Henry Elder is the Head of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) at Wave Financial. We talk about the contagion effect and what's feeding it, talk about the recent fortunes of Celcius and what's driving its growing insolvency risk, touch upon what's happening with Axie Infinity and discuss the future of play-to-earn gaming.

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Currently | EP 14

Spotify's stickiness, Netflix's road back, consumer price index predictions, ceasefire scenarios, and green energy's headwinds w/ Alex Beinfield

Alex Beinfield is the founder of Blue Duck Capital Partners. Alex talks about May's consumer price index, why he's bullish on both Spotify and Netflix, and why he's long commodities refiners and short anything levered to the consumer feeling good. He also details why switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy isn't going to be quick or easy.

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Currently | EP 13

Great tech companies may have the ability to power through macro messiness w/ Jose Torres

Jose Torres is Chief Investment Officer at Lokoya Capital Management, a fund that focuses on growth technology companies. In our talk, Jose tells us why he remains positive on the tech space, citing the enormous amount of damage tech stocks have already sustained and details how great companies can power through macro messiness.

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Currently | EP 12

Why signals don't indicate that this is a major bottom and why, when that bottom comes, it won’t be V-shaped w/ Christopher Verrone

Christopher Verrone is a partner of Strategas, a leading institutional brokerage firm focused on providing macro research, capital market and corporate advisory services, and financial solutions to institutional investors and corporate executives around the world. Christopher explains how the Russia Ukraine conflict only accelerated the trends that were already evident, tells us how the disconnect between what the market is telling us and how consumers are behaving can be interpreted, and why, when the next bottom comes, it’s unlikely to be V-shaped.

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Currently | EP 11

Could Twitter ban Elon? Have we reached a bottom? Where are the normal recession indicators? w/ Whitney Tilson

Whitney Tilson—former hedge fund manager and current investment newsletter publisher—talks about Elon’s bot gambit, the prospect of the market hitting its bottom late last week, and the large-cap tech companies to buy now.

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Currently | EP 10

"Elon Musk will lose!" Why putting the Twitter deal on hold is not a thing, how to distinguish a correction from a recession, and good buys in tech stocks now w/ Enrique Abeyta

On today's podcast, we're joined by Enrique Abeyta, a "stock market warrior" and financial newsletter editor, who chews up Twitter with an array of unfiltered perspectives on what's going on in the world and the world's markets. We sat down with Enrique to talk about Elon's early morning tweet announcing that his Twitter deal is on hold, how to distinguish a correction from a recession, trading opportunities in a down market, and tech stocks that are likely to bounce back.

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Currently | EP 09

$41 billion VAPORIZED! The Terra LUNA/UST implosion, algorithmic stable coins, and the outlook for crypto w/ Henry Elder

Henry Elder is portfolio manager for all of Wave Financial's decentralized finance investment products. That means he’s perfectly placed to explain the crypto story that everyone's talking about—the implosion of crypto coin Terra Luna and the $41 billion that got vaporized overnight. Henry takes us through the crisis that developed in the past week and how a paradoxical announcement by the Luna Foundation Guard—think of it as centra bank to UST—broke the stable coin's peg to the dollar. Henry then tells us why he remains bullish on crypto generally and describes how the US can establish dollar dominance in crypto via US dollar-pegged stable coins.

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Currently | EP 08

So the world's richest, most interesting man owns the social platform containing the "cheat codes for life." What happens next?  

This week, we're talking about Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter—specifically the way the news is moving the market and dividing public opinion. We discuss Musk's superhuman ability to attract talent, whether the outcry around the acquisition holds up to scrutiny, and theorize on why Tesla's share price dropped 12%—or two Twitters—on the news. We also touch upon what a privately held Twitter could look like and how a genuinely great mind may set about unlocking its value.

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Currently | EP 07

Twitter accepts Elon Musk’s offer. Real-time reaction and analysis w/ Michael Wang

Prometheus Founder and CEO Michael Wang learns about Twitter accepting Elon Musk's $44B deal in real-time and shares his thoughts as the New York Stock Exchange halts trading TWTR. Mike explains why trading is halted in a situation like this, what Twitter will trade at when trading resumes, and whether this deal is good or bad news for shareholders. We talk about how Elon can create value by taking down Twitter's cost structure, the benefits of being a private company, and what the deal this means for free speech.

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Currently | EP 06

Elon’s Twitter endgame, Tesla blowing expectations out of the water, and why we should stop thinking about it as a company that just makes cars w/ Emmet Peppers

Today, we’re talking with Good Soil Investment Management’s Emmet Peppers—a Tesla expert and enthusiast. We discuss the advent of robo-taxis, and self-driving cars, and how people need to stop thinking about Tesla as just a car manufacturer. And of course, we couldn’t talk about Elon Musk without touching on his plans for Twitter.

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Currently | EP 05

How the battle for Twitter could play out, how to short the Netflix collapse (and how not to) w/ Alex Beinfield

Today we're talking with Blue Duck Capital Partners Founder Alex Beinfield about some truly seismic things going on with a couple of tech companies that many of us use daily—Twitter and Netflix. What's Elon's plan for Twitter? Alex fans out some of the strategies he could employ and weighs the possibility of Twitter becoming a $100B company. What's the outlook for Netflix in the wake of the continuing—and accelerating—subscriber drop-off? Alex shares his thoughts and fesses up to having covered his shorts just before Tuesday's announcement.

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Currently | EP 04

Twitter's growth potential, investors' love of buy-back stories, and the prospect of a ceasefire-fueled rally w/ Whitney Tilson

In our stimulating chat, Whitney tells us why he's confident about a ceasefire in Ukraine and a resulting rally in beaten-down growth stocks, skeptical that a viable alternative to the US dollar's reserve currency status exists, optimistic about Twitter's potential to become a 10-bagger in the next decade, and so much more.

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Currently | EP 03

Starbucks vs. Putin: a hard lesson in cancel culture, geopolitical alpha, and leveraging history to be a better investor with Marko Papic.

Today we're joined by Marko Papic—Partner and Chief Strategist at Clocktower Group and the author of Geopolitical Alpha: An Investment Framework for Predicting the Future. During our sit-down with Marko, we discuss January's "macro truth," Russia's geographic vulnerability, and how other countries with plans for territorial expansion will be now factoring in the high cost of corporate warfare.

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Currently | EP 02

Triggering an inevitable recession, corporate warfare, and buying opportunities w/ Enrique Abeyta

On today's podcast, we're joined by Enrique Abeyta, a "stock market warrior" and financial newsletter editor, who chews up Twitter with an array of unfiltered perspectives on what's going on in the world and the world's markets. We sat down with Enrique to talk about today's interest rate hike, the advent of crowdsourced warfare, and how owning Chinese stock will be an unforced error should China create a geopolitical crisis of its own.

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Currently | EP 01

How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine accelerated a commodities hike that’s been a long time coming w/ Robert Mullin

We sat down with Robert Mullin, General Partner and Portfolio Manager at Marathon Resource Advisors, to get a better understanding of how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is affecting commodities prices, where the pain will be felt most, and what could be coming in the weeks and months ahead.

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