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Prometheus Decoded

On Prometheus Decoded, hear from inspirational investors who share professional and personal stories about navigating the financial and business world—with lessons and best practices to help you drive transformational change.

Prometheus Decoded | EP 30

Matt Bilinsky on how (and why) the media is broken and how becoming an "information bloodhound" can fix it

Matt Bilinsky is a business attorney, self-described information bloodhound, and an outspoken critic of how news is constructed and consumed in the wake of the great awokening. In this podcast, Matt describes the dramatic shift in American values since the dawn of "great awokening," explains the media's central role in sowing division among people, and lays out their motives. He then details the decline in the quality of the people charged with delivering news, their propensity for bias, and other consequences of the monoculture's demise.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 29

SPECIAL EP: Kyle Bass on China, Robert Mullin on energy, & Jordi Visser's thoughts on a recession. The experts debate it all.

Special podcast episode with Kyle Bass, Jordi Visser, and Robert Mullin. They discuss the markets in 2023, the fed, energy prices, China, and more. For the Prometheus Investor Day.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 28

Steve Cohen’s top lieutenant on training good portfolio managers, reinventing the culture at SAC Capital (the real-life “Billions”) and how hedge funds can create more alpha in volatile markets w/ Perry Boyle

H. Perry Boyle is an investment industry veteran and current chairman of the BOMA project. Between 2004 and 2020, Perry held several positions at SAC and Point72. As SAC's Director of Research, Perry's job was to change the culture, which he did—in part—by creating a curriculum for analysts and making portfolio managers stakeholders in their future success. Perry tells us the “secret” of running a long/short portfolio, shares his thoughts on the increasing scarcity of alpha and describes how he came to be the chairman of the BOMA project: a poverty graduation program for women, youth, and displaced persons in East Africa.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 27

Double-digit returns investing in wine and whiskey w/ Maxwell Nee

Maxwell Nee is Managing Partner at Oeno Group, an investment firm specializing in luxury assets like wine and whiskey. In this podcast, Maxwell makes a strong case for investing in these hard assets, shares details about how Oeno's strategy has performed over the past nine years, reveals Oeno's imminent launch of a wine and whiskey exchange, and shares his passion for introducing Prometheus users to an asset class that's generating consistent returns.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 26

Harnessing the trend of fund managers creating content and the urgent need to reinvent the way people invest w/ Michael Wang

Michael Wang is an award-winning hedge fund veteran and the Founder and CEO of Prometheus Alternative Investments. In this podcast, Mike describes the nascent trend of fund managers creating content to grow their audience and raise capital at scale and how he created Prometheus to foster this phenomenon. Mike later explains why the financial conditions we've enjoyed in recent times won't be returning for some time and why exposure to alternatives will be the key to investors protecting and growing their wealth in the months and years ahead.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 25

Learning from the "Paypal Mafia." Building tech to fix the world. Reasons to be an American optimist, w/ Joe Lonsdale

Joe Lonsdale is the Managing Partner at 8VC, a technology, and life sciences investment firm that builds and invests in the world's most ambitious companies. In this podcast, Joe describes how various members of the "Paypal Mafia"—Peter Thiel, Keith Rabois, Elon Musk—shaped his worldview prior to the creation of Palantir Technologies. He explains how he builds and invests in mission-driven companies that use technology to solve inefficiencies and bridge what he calls "conceptual gaps."

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 24

How to set goals and smash through them with humility, hard work, passion, and playing to your strengths w/ Kirk Myers

Kirk Myers is a celebrity trainer and founder of the Dogpound—one of the most exclusive gyms and iconic fitness brands in the world today. In this podcast, Kirk describes how being hospitalized with heart disease at 21 led him to study nutrition and set him on a path to becoming a personal trainer. He describes how a second health crisis brought him to New York City to start the Dogpound and how playing to his strengths, building a great team, and believing in what he was building became his brand's special sauce.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 23

The end of legacy brands. How celebrities are the future of investing in new companies w/ Jackie Fast

Jackie Fast is the Founder and Managing Partner at Sandbox Studios and the author of Rule Breaker: Rebellious Leadership for the Future of Work. In this chat, Jackie tells us how she saw the opportunity to disrupt how celebrity-endorsed deals are put together and executed. She describes the importance of finding alignment between the objectives of a brand and the personality backing it and gives us her take on what this unique investing space will look like in the years ahead.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 22

The biggest music industry legend you've (probably) never heard of shares his incredible story w/ Ron Sweeney.

Ron Sweeney, entertainment attorney, manager, consultant, and former record executive. He may be the biggest music industry legend you've never heard of. In our chat, Ron tells us about growing up in South Central LA, getting his start as a drummer, working with some of the world's best-known acts and coming to prominence as a senior executive with Sony, where he controlled a $70 million A&R budget. He also details systemic racial inequities within the music industry and what he's doing to confront and remedy them.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 21

Viral marketing in 2022, the reign of the podcast, and the importance of experimentation w/ Jeremy Moser

Jeremy Moser is the Co-Founder and CEO of uSERP, a company that helps brands grow through performance-driven SEO and digital PR. In our chat, Jeremy talks about how uSERP helps companies like and Robin Hood get in front of the people who are most likely to convert via organic search. He describes why younger brands must experiment with ideas, gathering information that can reveal who their audience is and how they behave.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 20

From working at the world's most notorious hedge fund to founding collectibles trading platform w/ Emilio Masci

Emilio Masci is the founder of collectibles trading platform In our chat, Emilio tells us how his experience at SAC Capital related to his pivot into collectibles. We talk about the power of nostalgia and how collectibles are becoming an alternative asset class that more and more people want access to.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 19

How I blurred the line between retailer and influencer and built a diamond empire in a male-dominated space w/ Nicole Wegman

Nicole Wegman is the Founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, the leading luxury jeweler committed to designing for women by women. In our chat, Nicole describes the challenges she faced as a newcomer to the traditional, family-oriented, and male-dominated world of New York's diamond district and how she saw the opportunity to bring something fresh to the industry.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 18

Rising above the noise in the DTC space, helping the young hungry entrepreneur, and delivering self care at scale w/ Daniel Broukhim

Daniel Broukhim is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FabFitFun, an eCommerce and media company with over two million subscribers and a valuation of nearly a billion dollars. In our chat, Daniel talks us through how FabFitFun started life as a newsletter, was reborn as a subscription box then evolved into a personalized shopping platform built around helping people live their best lives.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 17

Arbitraging gold in 5th grade, investing in Facebook early, why traditional stocks can’t compete with crypto w/ Thane Ritchie

Thane Ritchie is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ritchie Capital Management and has over 30 years of experience in alternative investments. In our chat with Thane he tells us about his start in commodities trading at the age of 10, the secret to his edge, and what made him decide to be one of the first people to invest in Facebook. he also tells us why he believes that crypto will be the only way to make money in the future and what he’s doing in the metaverse.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 16

How to build a brand around principles. How to create a cult-like following. Why we need to talk about the massive gender-based funding gap w/ Ellen Chen

Ellen Chen is the Co-Founder of Mendocino Farms—an LA-based fast-casual sandwich chain with an almost cult-like following. We talk about creating great businesses and how we can change the gender gap in VC funding.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 15

How to build a career that plays to your strengths, giving founders the help they really need, and the +/- impact of companies at scale w/ Sarah Kunst

Sarah Kunst is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cleo Capital— a multi-stage venture capital firm that focuses on leading investments in pre-seed companies. During a scintillating 50 minutes, Sarah tells us how the best hedge against imposter syndrome is playing to your strengths and picking up ancillary skills as you need them. She also divulges the central question she asks looking at investment opportunities: "At scale, will this company be a net positive or negative for the world?" and explains how the answer brings her one step closer to purchasing a superyacht.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 14

How to reach your potential: from Wall Street to the NBA and back again w/ Ryan Renteria

We're excited to be talking with Ryan Renteria, Founder of Dominate Your Fate, a professional advisory firm working with high achievers. Ryan's story is an inspiring one. He grew up in a low-income household in Sacramento, California, and attended a high school with a 50% dropout rate but managed to get into Stanford and launched a successful career on Wall St. After a decade working in finance and another plying his mathematical chops as a basketball analytics advisor, he combined what he'd learned in the first and second stages of his career and began to coach high achievers in the business world. During our uplifting talk, Ryan talks about the role of mental health in maximizing performance, the benefits of meditation and journaling to help with anxiety, and using gratitude to uplift yourself and others.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 13

Building on the Adidas family legacy: the impact of innovation on sports, gaining a competitive edge, and creating the future of sports tech w/ Alex Bente

Alex Bente is a Co-Founder ADvantage, a global VC fund that invests in companies innovating new technologies and disrupting many aspects of the sports space. In our chat, Alex talks about the inspiration he draws from his great-grandfather Adolf Dassler—the innovative founder of Adidas. He describes his passion for getting more people involved in sports and shares a vision of how technology will change sports beyond recognition in the years to come.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 12

How to discover your edge, the connection between financial success and happiness, and recalibrating in response to change w/ Jason Karp

SAC alum and Tourbillon Capital Founder and CEO Jason Karp sits down with us to discuss the arduous journey that led him to found HumanCo—a holding company built around a mission to help people lead healthier lives. Jason shares his origin story as an entrepreneurial kid and under-aged card counter in our inspiring sit-down. He also tells us how his investment background and authentic personal health journey give him a massive edge in his mission to make healthier living more accessible for more people.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 11

Exposing corruption, the evolution of journalism, and misunderstood businesses w/ Herb Greenberg

Herb Greenberg is a former journalist and current legend in the investing community. Everyone in the business world knows him as a brilliant writer, a tenacious researcher, and some sort of savant when it comes to sniffing out fraud and scrutinizing over-hyped firms. Lucky for me—and you—He also happens to be a really fun guy to talk with. Today we talk with Herb about his dynamic career, the seismic changes that have taken place in business journalism, the toxicity of social media, and the point at which a firehose of content becomes a cesspool of misinformation.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 10

How to become a great stock picker, developing the discipline to let winners ride, and why DWAC is engineered to destroy retail investors w/ Whitney Tilson

Whitney Tilson is an author, philanthropist, former hedge fund manager, and founder of Empire Financial Research. The company currently publishes eight newsletters and boasts a subscriber base of over 100,000 people seeking advice, commentary, and in-depth research to inform and empower their investing. During our engaging sitdown, Whitney unpacks the common mental mistakes people make with their investing, describes the characteristics of a good stock picker, and explains how over two decades in investing world imbued him with a spidey sense.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 09

Using capitalism to scale positive impact in a massive way with Newday Impact Investing, Georgie Badiel, and Philippe Cousteau Jr.

Newday Impact Investing was founded so that responsibly-minded individuals and institutions could access the impact and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) marketplace. The company is challenging the long-held idea that generating wealth and positively impacting the world are opposing strategies. Joining the Newday team on today’s fascinating podcast are representatives of two organizations they're partnering with: Georgie Badiel is a model and activist tackling the issue of potable water in her native Burkina Faso. Philippe Cousteau Jr is an oceanographer and co-founder of EarthEcho International.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 08

Is Tesla the greatest company of all time? The Ukraine war and how to navigate these chaotic markets, with Emmet Peppers and Matt Smith

Is Elon musk a target for Putin? On this episode of Prometheus Decoded, Emmet Peppers and Matt Smith of Good Soil Investments offer their perspective on navigating these chaotic markets, explain their bull thesis on Tesla, share how their partnership came to be, and much more.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 07

Arca CIO Jeff Dorman on finding an edge in the new world of digital assets, how blockchain can empower users, innovative yield strategies and more.

Jeff Dorman is a visionary investor using his expertise to creatively push boundaries in our rapidly-evolving world. Jeff is the CIO and Co-Founder of Arca—an innovative new crypto investment firm exploring new methods of applying traditional investing strategies in the world of blockchain. During our sitdown, Jeff showcases his unique talent for breaking down this revolutionary technology in a way that is easy for anyone to digest and describes how the lessons he learned through his career in traditional finance have helped him find opportunities in crypto.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 06

Marc Cohodes, on his high-stakes take-downs of corrupt CEOs, the importance of focus, and his innovative investment ideas.

Marc Cohodes has earned a living and a reputation betting against companies he suspects committing fraud. His high-profile take-downs include Insys Therapeutics founder John Kapoor—the orchestrator of a scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe a fentanyl-based pain medication that caused the deaths of 7,000 people. During our earthy and entertaining chat, Cohodes' describes how his shorting career began when he bet against a pinball machine manufacturer at the dawn of the video game age. He explains the rationale behind some of his long positions and maintains that it's not what you've done but what you do next that counts.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 05

Kyle Bass on his journey to success, the need for real leadership on Wall Street, and his latest venture—Conservation Equity Management.

The brilliant Kyle Bass is the Chief Investment Officer of Hayman Capital. Kyle rose to prominence in 2008, having successfully predicted and bet against the US subprime mortgage crisis that came to a head in that year. In our highly engaging chat with Kyle, he details his inspiring journey from modest beginnings to finagling a gig on Wall Street, offers strident views on US engagement with Beijing, and talks about the thought process behind his latest venture, Conservation Equity Management—a private equity firm that marries his investment acumen with his love of nature.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 04

Lilly Ghalichi on creating a success mindset, blowing up perceptions of women in business, and letting go of what doesn't serve you.

Entrepreneur, attorney, former reality show star, and self-described glamazon, Lilly Ghalichi is a force to be reckoned with. After graduating from law school, Lilly founded several businesses turning the lessons of the last into the successes of the next. Through the lens of her own experience, Lilly embodies the importance of putting our health and wellbeing first, letting go of whatever no longer serves us, and moving forward with confidence and optimism.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 03

How do you become a better investor? Quieting the noise, human functionality tools, making capitalism work for everyone, and more—with Gil Weisblum.

Gil has been an investor for over 20 years managing money for a billion dollar family office. His intention moving forward is to recalibrate how we approach investing in a more balanced way, focusing on how we can use the tools of capitalism to benefit the world. Over the years, using what he calls our Human Functionality Tools, he's become a better investor by quieting the noise and focusing on what’s important.

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Read your instruction manual and find the tools to achieve greatness in life. From Compton to the Ivy League, NFL, and beyond—with Marcellus Wiley.

Columbia University Graduate and NFL superstar Marcellus Wiley did not let circumstances determine his path in life. A product of his positive mental attitude, every word that comes out of his mouth is uplifting and motivating. On this podcast, Marcellus sheds light on his approach to life and how anyone can craft an outlook to perform to the greatest of their abilities.

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Are NFTs modern Beanie Babies? Metaverse, blockchain use-case scenarios, deferred value, and more—with Herb Greenberg and David Namdar.

We've brought legendary financial journalist Herb Greenberg, and Coral DeFi’s David Namdar together to explore some thoughts on the possible future of blockchain and crypto. Their contrasting perspectives make for an incredibly interesting and informative conversation.

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