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Prometheus Decoded

Prometheus Decoded

On Prometheus Decoded, hear from inspirational investors who share professional and personal stories about navigating the financial and business world—with lessons and best practices to help you drive transformational change.

Prometheus Decoded | EP 15

How to build a career that plays to your strengths, giving founders the help they really need, and the +/- impact of companies at scale w/ Sarah Kunst

Sarah Kunst is Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cleo Capital— a multi-stage venture capital firm that focuses on leading investments in pre-seed companies. During a scintillating 50 minutes, Sarah tells us how the best hedge against imposter syndrome is playing to your strengths and picking up ancillary skills as you need them. She also divulges the central question she asks looking at investment opportunities: "At scale, will this company be a net positive or negative for the world?" and explains how the answer brings her one step closer to purchasing a superyacht.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 14

How to reach your potential: from Wall Street to the NBA and back again w/ Ryan Renteria

We're excited to be talking with Ryan Renteria, Founder of Dominate Your Fate, a professional advisory firm working with high achievers. Ryan's story is an inspiring one. He grew up in a low-income household in Sacramento, California, and attended a high school with a 50% dropout rate but managed to get into Stanford and launched a successful career on Wall St. After a decade working in finance and another plying his mathematical chops as a basketball analytics advisor, he combined what he'd learned in the first and second stages of his career and began to coach high achievers in the business world. During our uplifting talk, Ryan talks about the role of mental health in maximizing performance, the benefits of meditation and journaling to help with anxiety, and using gratitude to uplift yourself and others.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 13

Building on the Adidas family legacy: the impact of innovation on sports, gaining a competitive edge, and creating the future of sports tech w/ Alex Bente

Alex Bente is a Co-Founder ADvantage, a global VC fund that invests in companies innovating new technologies and disrupting many aspects of the sports space. In our chat, Alex talks about the inspiration he draws from his great-grandfather Adolf Dassler—the innovative founder of Adidas. He describes his passion for getting more people involved in sports and shares a vision of how technology will change sports beyond recognition in the years to come.

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Prometheus Decoded


Making sense of the stories beneath the headlines. We bring you experts to simply explain what's happening around the world, and current events in business, finance and technology.

Currently | EP 10

"Elon Musk will lose!" Why putting the Twitter deal on hold is not a thing, how to distinguish a correction from a recession, and good buys in tech stocks now w/ Enrique Abeyta

On today's podcast, we're joined by Enrique Abeyta, a "stock market warrior" and financial newsletter editor, who chews up Twitter with an array of unfiltered perspectives on what's going on in the world and the world's markets. We sat down with Enrique to talk about Elon's early morning tweet announcing that his Twitter deal is on hold, how to distinguish a correction from a recession, trading opportunities in a down market, and tech stocks that are likely to bounce back.

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Currently | EP 09

$41 billion VAPORIZED! The Terra LUNA/UST implosion, algorithmic stable coins, and the outlook for crypto w/ Henry Elder

Henry Elder is portfolio manager for all of Wave Financial's decentralized finance investment products. That means he’s perfectly placed to explain the crypto story that everyone's talking about—the implosion of crypto coin Terra Luna and the $41 billion that got vaporized overnight. Henry takes us through the crisis that developed in the past week and how a paradoxical announcement by the Luna Foundation Guard—think of it as centra bank to UST—broke the stable coin's peg to the dollar. Henry then tells us why he remains bullish on crypto generally and describes how the US can establish dollar dominance in crypto via US dollar-pegged stable coins.

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Currently | EP 08

So the world's richest, most interesting man owns the social platform containing the "cheat codes for life." What happens next?  

This week, we're talking about Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter—specifically the way the news is moving the market and dividing public opinion. We discuss Musk's superhuman ability to attract talent, whether the outcry around the acquisition holds up to scrutiny, and theorize on why Tesla's share price dropped 12%—or two Twitters—on the news. We also touch upon what a privately held Twitter could look like and how a genuinely great mind may set about unlocking its value.

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