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Prometheus Decoded

On Prometheus Decoded, hear from inspirational investors who share professional and personal stories about navigating the financial and business world—with lessons and best practices to help you drive transformational change.

Prometheus Decoded | EP 25

Learning from the "Paypal Mafia." Building tech to fix the world. Reasons to be an American optimist, w/ Joe Lonsdale

Joe Lonsdale is the Managing Partner at 8VC, a technology, and life sciences investment firm that builds and invests in the world's most ambitious companies. In this podcast, Joe describes how various members of the "Paypal Mafia"—Peter Thiel, Keith Rabois, Elon Musk—shaped his worldview prior to the creation of Palantir Technologies. He explains how he builds and invests in mission-driven companies that use technology to solve inefficiencies and bridge what he calls "conceptual gaps."

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 24

How to set goals and smash through them with humility, hard work, passion, and playing to your strengths w/ Kirk Myers

Kirk Myers is a celebrity trainer and founder of the Dogpound—one of the most exclusive gyms and iconic fitness brands in the world today. In this podcast, Kirk describes how being hospitalized with heart disease at 21 led him to study nutrition and set him on a path to becoming a personal trainer. He describes how a second health crisis brought him to New York City to start the Dogpound and how playing to his strengths, building a great team, and believing in what he was building became his brand's special sauce.

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Prometheus Decoded | EP 23

The end of legacy brands. How celebrities are the future of investing in new companies w/ Jackie Fast

Jackie Fast is the Founder and Managing Partner at Sandbox Studios and the author of Rule Breaker: Rebellious Leadership for the Future of Work. In this chat, Jackie tells us how she saw the opportunity to disrupt how celebrity-endorsed deals are put together and executed. She describes the importance of finding alignment between the objectives of a brand and the personality backing it and gives us her take on what this unique investing space will look like in the years ahead.

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Currently | EP 31

Sex, drugs, and Bahamian real estate. Examining the warning signs of FTX's collapse w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Josh talks about his reaction to FTX's collapse, the incongruencies beginning to arouse suspicion around Co-Founder Sam Bankman-Fried, and the salacious goings on at the exchange's Bahamian HQ. He then describes how so many seemingly sophisticated investors bought into what amounts to a Ponzi scheme and talks about how FTX's collapse could be a good thing for crypto in the long term.

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Currently | EP 30

Is China trying to make TikTok users dumber? What will a US ban on TikTok do to the price of Meta? What could cause the Metaverse project to be paused? w/ Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. Josh gets right into explaining how remote work may be leading to some grossly inaccurate job figures. He explains how a stronger dollar is bad news for multinationals with US expenses, then weighs in on a conspiracy theory that suggests TikTok exists to make people outside of China dumber. He also predicts that a total US ban of TikTok could result in Meta's share price doubling in a day.

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Currently | EP 29

How looking back in time can help prepare investors for a deep and prolonged recession w/ Dan Zwirn

Dan Zwirn, CEO & CIO at Arena Investors, LP. Their chat begins with a look at the current maelstrom of macroeconomic events through a historical lens and reminds us that we've never seen the sort of environment we see today without it leading to a full-blown panic. Dan offers everyday investors advice on how to navigate what will likely be a long and deep recession.

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