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Are commodities an inflationary safe haven? Alternative energy sources and implications of Russian gas exports w/ Robert Mullin

Ryan Pallotta
Robert Mullin

On this episode of Currently, we’re joined by Robert Mullin, General Partner and Portfolio Manager at Marathon Resource Advisors. 

We sat down with Robert to explore the factors contributing to rising commodity prices in this recessionary backdrop and when we could potentially see the trend come to an end.

Robert explains the economic implications of the tensions Russia has been introducing to global markets by holding hostage energy and food supplies, how the world is bracing for a rough road ahead—hoarding supplies locally and attempting to bring processing facilities online at lightspeed.

His outlook for commodity prices is bullish going into Q3/Q4 2022, with China likely coming out of lockdowns, and fertilizer shortages yielding likely causing higher food prices. We’ve seen shortages worldwide, and countries are now hoarding supplies locally.

As far as oil goes, the price of oil has a wide margin of error—he sees Europe likely going into a full-scale recession, with America’s economy going into a light recession, but showing some signs of strength. A good environment for oil to be between $80-110.

Mixed signals from US government administrations has made ramping up the domestic production of natural gas and oil a difficult prospect—on the EV front, plans for lithium mines in Nevada are being boycotted as well.

Robert sees that the data regarding inflation will likely continue to be bad for a while. He believes the fed will have to continue to play hard ball, hiking rates until it abates—not thinking this will happen until some time next year at the soonest.

He believes that inflation is bad for 99% of markets, that commodities is one of the only asset classes that actually benefits from high inflation.


Robert Mullin

Marathon Resource Advisors


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