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As FDIC shuts down SVB, Eric Rosen explains what lead to its collapse and the impact it will have on investors

Eric Rosen
Ryan Pallotta

Today, your host Ryan Pallotta is joined by the author of the Rosen Report and industry expert Eric Rosen.

Today’s conversation focuses on:

  • The Silicon Valley Bank (SVP) collapse. What led to it and what it means for investors.
  • The Fed being partially to blame for banks like SVB needing to take on more risk by keeping rates so low for so long.
  • SVB’s failure to keep a “fortress balance sheet" and take responsibility for its decisions.
  • Eric’s assessment of Bear Stearns prior to its 2008 collapse and subsequent sale to JP Morgan Chase.
  • What the 2/10 UST yield curve inversion tells us about the probability of a recession
  • The migration of HNW people to south Florida and its effect on high-end real estate prices.  
  • The recent phenomenon of kids being less enthusiastic about learning to drive and owning a car.
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