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Attractive energy buys now. Next week's CPI print. Options strategies for beginners. Etsy, Shopify, Meta, Apple, and more w/ Daniel Kirsch

Ryan Pallotta
Grant Stoddard
Daniel Kirsch

Daniel Kirsch is the Head of Options at leading investment bank Piper Sandler. 

In our talk, Daniel defines options, trades, and puts and lays out some strategies for people who want to dip a toe into options trading. He also shares the reasons underpinning the recent explosion in options trading's popularity. 

Daniel then gets into his bullish outlook on energy and why the ESG push is causing energy producers to make as much money as they can while they can and are disincentivized to pump more oil. Hel then namechecks two individual stocks and two index funds for people looking for energy exposure. 

The conversation then turns to names that have taken a beating—Etsy, Shopify—and why they're starting to look attractive. Daniels sells include names connected to housing, including Whirlpool, Overstock, Wayfair, and Restoration Hardware. 

Lastly, Daniel gives us his firm's view on the severity and duration of the coming recession.

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