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Banking Outlook, The Fed's Role, SVB, Credit Suisse, First Republic w/ Herb Greenberg, Enrique Abeyta, and Alex Beinfield

Herb Greenberg
Alex Beinfield
Enrique Abeyta
Ryan Pallotta

Today, Ryan Pallotta moderates a panel of financial experts discussing the causes of the current crisis in the banking sector and how investors can think about its aftermath.

Today's conversation focuses on the following:

  • Whether the recent trouble in parts of the banking sector speaks to a much broader breakdown in the financial system.
  • The differences between the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank of New York.
  • The Fed's role in setting the stage for this crisis to happen.
  • The advent of “Twitter-fuelled” bank runs.
  • Whether the $250k insured by the FDIC is an arbitrary figure and what it should be.
  • 2018's regulatory rollbacks.
  • Philosophies and processes for investing in this environment.
  • The prospect of seeing new market lows due to last week’s events.
  • The damage to investors' confidence in banks' stability
  • Strategies and financial instruments that could limit bank runs in the future.

Herb Greenberg has spent over 40 years as a financial journalist at some of the country's leading newspapers, websites, and broadcast media. He is currently a senior editor at Empire Financial Research.  

Enrique Abeyta is also an editor at Empire Financial Research. The 25-year stock market warrior and former hedge fund manager is also the writer and owner of Inked Magazine, REVOLVER Magazine, The Hard Times, the Co-Founder of Hard Money, and the host of Hard Money's Million Dollar podcast.

Alex Beinfield is the Founder and CIO of hedge fund Blue Duck Capital. Alex has been short Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB) since September 2022 and was short Signature Bank of New York (SBNY) just before it failed.

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