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Sports Investing

Building on the Adidas family legacy: the impact of innovation on sports, gaining a competitive edge, and creating the future of sports tech w/ Alex Bente

Ryan Pallotta
Alex Bente

Joining us today is Alex Bente. In 2018, Alex Co-Founded ADvantage, a global VC fund investing in companies innovating new technologies and disrupting many aspects of the sports space. 

Innovating in sports runs in the family. Alex's great-grandfather was Adolf Dassler, the founder of the sportswear brand that bears a shortened version of his first and last name—Adidas. 

Would Jesse Owns have won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics had he not worn the innovative canvas and rubber running spikes hand-made for him by Dassler? Would West Germany have beaten heavily-favored Hungary in the 1954 World Cup final had Dassler's patented screw-in metal cleats not been worn in the second half of a rain-soaked game? 

Simply put, Dassler’s innovations gave athletes around the world, participating in a range of sports a considerable edge. 

ADvantage is building upon Alex’s family legacy and investing in entrepreneurs committed to moving sports forward, whether that means giving athletes a competitive advantage, enhancing fans' experience, or redefining what it means to participate in sports altogether. 

In our chat, Alex talks about what a family name can and can't do, describes his passion for getting more people involved in sports, and shares a vision of how technology will change sports beyond recognition in the decade to come.  

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