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Tech Stocks

Could Pelosi's Taiwan trip send shockwaves through tech? Tech stock earnings, infrastructure for AI, and an $NVDA bull thesis w/ Josh Goltry

Ryan Pallotta
Josh Goltry

Josh Goltry is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital. During this chat, Josh explains why investors should listen to earnings calls of companies they don't own to gain an edge. He also explains why investors shouldn't consider tech stocks growth stocks anymore. Ahead of Nancy Pelosi's purported trip to Taiwan, Josh shares his thoughts on how a destabilization of US-China relations could affect chip-maker TSM—a company he calls the most systemically important in the world. He also articulates the urgency and implications of bringing chip manufacturing to the US. Josh then talks about Nvidia—a company he describes as the connective tissue of the world's entire tech infrastructure. He delivers his thesis on the firm, remarking that there is no better-placed company in the world in the decades ahead. Josh talks about Tesla and how the companies with the largest AI training sets will be unassailable. He also explains why pitching Tesla at Point72 in 2019 cost him a position there.

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