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How I blurred the line between retailer and influencer and built a diamond empire in a male-dominated space w/ Nicole Wegman

Ryan Pallotta
Nicole Wegman

Nicole Wegman is the Founder and CEO of Ring Concierge, the leading luxury jeweler committed to designing for women by women.

In our talk, Nicole tells us how her own experience of trying to find the perfect engagement ring led her to leave fashion and get into the jewelry space with Ring Concierge in 2013. 

She describes the challenges she faced as a newcomer to the traditional, family-oriented, and male-dominated world of New York's diamond district and how she saw the opportunity to bring something fresh to the industry. 

We discuss how Ring Concierge has blurred the lines between retailer and influencer and the role of social media in the company's success. Nicole then explains how that youthful and cheeky voice has continued to foster an engaged audience. 

Nicole also shares her experience of hiring the best talent as the company grows and the importance of mentorship. 

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