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Tech Stocks

Great tech companies may have the ability to power through macro messiness w/ Jose Torres

Ryan Pallotta
Jose Torres

Jose Torres is Chief Investment Officer at Lokoya Capital Management, a fund that focuses on growth technology companies. Prior to founding Lokoya, Jose was at SAC, Tourbillon, and Cypress Funds. 

In our talk, Jose tells us about his background as a software engineer and how that informed his specialization in tech. 

He talks about why he remains positive on the tech space, citing the enormous amount of damage tech stocks have already sustained and details how great companies have the ability to power through macro messiness.   

He goes on to explain why he likes Broadcom (AVGO) and why Salesforce (CRM) is an example of a company who’s stock price doesn’t reflect its recent performance, describing it as the baby that’s been thrown out with the bathwater. 

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