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How looking back in time can help prepare investors for a deep and prolonged recession w/ Dan Zwirn

Ryan Pallotta
Dan Zwirn

Today Ryan Pallotta is talking with Dan Zwirn, CEO & CIO at Arena Investors, LP.

Their chat begins with a look at the current maelstrom of macroeconomic events through a historical lens.  

Dan compares the tumult of 2022 with that of the late 1960s and reminds us that we've never seen the sort of environment we see today without it leading to a full-blown panic.

He then talks about how the way in which British PM Liz Truss's message was packaged and delivered destabilized the UK's credibility and caused a wholesale reevaluation of its economy.

Dan goes on to detail the four main ways in which Arena insulates its investors from macroeconomic trends and market directionality and offers everyday investors advice on how to navigate what could be a long and deep recession.

Arena Investors, LP:

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