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How the battle for Twitter could play out, how to short the Netflix collapse (and how not to) w/ Alex Beinfield

Ryan Pallotta
Grant Stoddard
Alex Beinfield

Today we're talking with Blue Duck Capital Partners Founder Alex Beinfield about some truly seismic things going on with a couple of tech companies that many of us use daily—Netflix and Twitter.

Twitter is in the crosshairs of one Elon Musk. Alex has been long on Twitter and explains what Elon might be thinking, laying out several ways this modern melodrama may play out, including a rationale for intentionally triggering a poison pill.  

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that they had a lousy Q1 and expected a worse Q2. The price tanked by around a third. Alex was short on Netflix but covered his shorts just before the announcement. He tells us why he made that choice, what the dip could mean for other streaming services and the effects of Nexflix's plans to crack down on password sharing and introduce ads.  

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