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How to reach your potential: from Wall Street to the NBA and back again w/ Ryan Renteria

Ryan Pallotta
Ryan Renteria

We're excited to be talking with Ryan Renteria, Founder of Dominate Your Fate, a professional advisory firm working with high achievers.

Ryan's story is an inspiring one. Growing up in a low-income household in Sacramento, California, Ryan attended a high school with a 50% dropout rate. After seeing the effects of constant financial anxiety on his family, he vowed to make the most of his strongest subject—math—and set a course for a career on Wall Street, becoming the first person from his high school to go to Stanford along the way.

After working in equity research at Goldman Sachs, he got into the hedge fund business. After successful stints at Balyasny Asset Management and Karsch Capital Management, Ryan took a hard left turn—in a quest for self-actualization—and started working with children's charities. 

Though he found the work incredibly meaningful, Ryan still missed the analytical and mathematical aspects of his former career in the hedge fund world. He decided to apply his talents to a new field entirely, becoming a basketball analytics advisor. For the best part of the next decade, he provided analytics-based recommendations that helped teams with draft picks, trades, opponent research, and game strategies. 

Then, in 2021, Ryan decided to combine what he'd learned in the first and second stages of his career and coach high achievers in the business world. 

During our uplifting talk, Ryan talks about the role of mental health in maximizing performance, the benefits of meditation and journaling to help with anxiety, and using gratitude to uplift yourself and others.

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