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How to set goals and smash through them with humility, hard work, passion, and playing to your strengths w/ Kirk Myers

Ryan Pallotta
Kirk Myers

Kirk Myers is a celebrity trainer and founder of the Dogpound—one of the most exclusive gyms and iconic fitness brands in the world today. 

The chat gets underway with Kirk explaining the genesis of the Dogpound. 

He describes how, while on track to become an elementary school teacher, he was hospitalized with congestive heart failure and decided to take control of the situation—studying nutrition and losing some 130lbs over the next two years.  

After building a successful business in his native Kansas City, Kirk was hospitalized once again. This time lost everything. He then decided to start over in New York with a set of 10 goals that he quickly smashed—He even brought on Hugh Jackman as his first celebrity client. In fact, it was Jackman who ended up giving Kirk's reborn business its name. 

The pair go on to discuss how Kirk built on this momentum, how he developed and grew the Dogpound brand, and where his passion, his team, and his star-studded roster of clients will take the Dogpound from here. 

Throughout the chat, Kirk explains ideas that apply to all of our lives: playing to your strengths, building a great team, believing in what you're doing, taking control of your own destiny, and so much more.

Dogpound culture PDF mentioned in pod:

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