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Is China trying to make TikTok users dumber? What will a US ban on TikTok do to the price of Meta? What could cause the Metaverse project to be paused? w/ Josh Goltry

Ryan Pallotta
Josh Goltry

Today, Ryan Pallotta breaks down what's happening with Josh Goltry. Josh is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at JAG Capital.

Josh explains how remote work may lead to grossly inaccurate job figures and describes the time it takes for macroeconomic influences to be felt at the micro level.  

He and Ryan talk about why the dollar's strength is bad news for multinationals with US expenses, adding that the negative impact of the stronger dollar will be felt more keenly in Q4.  

Josh then weighs in on an intriguing conspiracy theory that suggests TikTok—which he calls "digital opium"—exists to make people outside of China dumber while the domestic version—Douyin—is intended to make domestic users smarter.

Josh then talks about how a red wave could hasten a ban on TikTok in the US and predicts that a total ban could result in Meta's share price doubling in a day.

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