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Kyle Bass on navigating a global recession, his new project (Conservation Equity Management), China/Taiwan tensions, and the European energy crisis

Ryan Pallotta
Kyle Bass

In this episode of Currently, Kyle Bass talks to us about his incredible project, Conservation Equity Management. This project almost sounds too good to be true. We love Kyle's excitement when he talks about his passion for the outdoors and how he can bridge his investing ability with wildlife and land conservation. Rehabilitating thousands of acres of land while creating venture-like returns is a departure from investing behind a Bloomberg terminal.

Kyle is also a macroeconomics master. We talk about how the central banks are driving a global recession, where the economy is going, why we have not seen a market bottom yet, and how investors can navigate this by investing in hard productive assets.

We then dive into Kyles's current concerns about China and discuss how an invasion of Taiwan is inevitable. This serves as a segue into a history lesson on Russia, the global energy crisis, and the cold reality facing much of Europe as we get into winter.

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