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Lilly Ghalichi on creating a success mindset, blowing up perceptions of women in business, and letting go of what doesn't serve you.

Ryan Pallotta
Lilly Ghalichi

Episode 4 of Decoded features Lilly Ghalichi. An entrepreneur, attorney, and former reality tv star. Lilly is an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere.  She describes how her immigrant parents—gave her confidence in her abilities to succeed, inspiring her to be her own boss. Lilly is an inspiration for young women, motivating them to build their brands and businesses without fear.

Transitioning from an attorney to an entrepreneur she was Inspired and driven to be a powerful business woman. Lilly, shares how early business missteps helped her perfect her approach to success, and shares a plan that anyone looking to build a brand or a business can use.

Through the lens of her own experience, Lilly illustrates the importance of putting our health and wellbeing first, letting go of what no longer serves us, and moving forward with confidence and optimism.  

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