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Matt Bilinsky on how (and why) the media is broken and how becoming an "information bloodhound" can fix it

Matt Bilinsky
Ryan Pallotta

Today Ryan Pallotta is talking with Matt Bilinsky. Matt’s a business attorney, host of the Prevailing Narrative podcast, and an outspoken observer of how media has changed over the past decade.

The self-described information bloodhound describes the dramatic shift in American values since the dawn of "great awokening," explains the media's central role in sowing division among people, and lays out their motives for doing so.

Matt details the decline in the quality of the people charged with delivering news, their propensity for bias, and other consequences of the monoculture's demise.

Matt then explains how the narrative around the invasion of Ukraine, the Trump-Russia collusion, the BLM movement, the origins of COVID-19, and the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines have all been impacted by this shift.

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