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Are NFTs modern Beanie Babies? Metaverse, blockchain use-case scenarios, deferred value, and more—with Herb Greenberg and David Namdar.

David Namdar
Herb Greenberg
Terry Beeman

Prometheus Decoded is a place to uncover the stories behind leaders who have stepped up to shape the future of business. They are change agents. Innovators and Visionaries. On Prometheus Decoded, you’ll hear from inspirational investors who share professional and personal stories about navigating the financial and business world—with lessons and best practices to help you drive transformational change. ​

We started Prometheus Studios to help break down big ideas into stories everyone can understand. The goal is better access to information and education in all areas of business and technology. We want people to learn about the master investors, what makes them tick, how they got to where they are and what lessons they have learned along the way. Not only becoming a better business leader, but also a better human, creating more positive impact in the world around them.

Today we wanted to have a conversations about all things blockchain. I am so excited to talk to legendary financial journalist Herb Greenberg. A columnist for the wall street journal, The, And CNBC Herb has the ability to create commentary on the market that is insightful and never afraid to dig deeper. A true hero to the markets, His investigative journalism has uncovered financial frauds, helping shareholders and the SEC get justice.

With him we have David Namdar, an early blockchain, crypto advocate and investor, David is co founder of and Coral DeFi. Davids investment expertise in decentralized currencies, is incredible and I am excited and lucky to have him with us. I also wanted to hear the thoughts from our resident crypto nerd Terry Beeman who as a new investors has submersed himself in the crypto world. We’ve brought these three together to explore some divergent thoughts on the possible future of blockchain and crypto.

(00:00:00) Prometheus Decoded Intro

(00:01:54) Podcast Starts

(00:02:53) How David got involved in crypto.

(00:07:04) How Herb remembers the beginnings of crypto.

(00:10:05) How Terry got involved in crypto.

(00:13:00) Specific sectors in crypto that excite David.

(00:16:08) Resin collectibles business to NFT

(00:17:18) What do you think gets people so excited about NFT? (Herb)

(00:19:30) What do you really own when you buy an NFT? What is the value? (David)

(00:22:54) Herb: Aren’t you just creating demand for this? Isn’t this similar to Beanie Babies?

(00:23:59) The internet has been a disruptive technology, Web3 is moving in a similar way.

(00:26:21) Cryptopunks & BAYC are different than Beanie Babies because of PFP utility & community.

(00:28:22) Crypto may disrupt everything we do with money, NFTs may disrupt everything else.

(00:29:36) NFTs can confer value via an immutable ledger.

(00:31:32) The immutable ledger is and its implications.

(00:32:49) Blockchain explorers, Possible AR applications, possible real world applications

(00:36:58) Epolity, a decentralized possibility for the next generation of democracy.

(00:38:36) How can writers or content creators profit with NFT?

(00:41:52) DAOs could represent a paradigm shift in venture investing.

(00:43:17) This is all experimentation & there will be inevitable risks as the space grows.

(00:44:02) An outsider’s perspective on the metaverse.

(00:47:48) Crypto is less difficult than you think. The metaverse and augmented reality is already here.

(00:51:59) The naïveté of youth & what we can learn from it.

(00:52:31) Crypto makes the metaverse potentially profitable for users.

(00:54:13) AR will give an avenue to share your digital assets with other people in real life.

(00:55:36) 3D metaverses leading to more natural interactions than the Zoom-style metaverse.

(00:56:42) Progressions in AR wearables

(00:57:11) Meaningful relationships via virtual reality & the metaverse.

(00:58:29) The coexistence of TradiFi & crypto

(01:01:43) TradFi players are learning new skills & finding ways to create value in crypto.

(01:03:52) Finding information on Crypto

(01:05:00) It’s difficult to be involved in crypto if you don’t have the time to spend to get a level of comfort.

(01:06:17) Crypto is a tech play. Traditional equity markets like stocks might be powered by crypto one day.

(01:07:23) Closing thoughts

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