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Founder Stories

Rising above the noise in the DTC space, helping the young hungry entrepreneur, and delivering self care at scale w/ Daniel Broukhim

Ryan Pallotta
Daniel Broukhim

Daniel Broukhim is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FabFitFun, an eCommerce and media company with over two million subscribers and a valuation of nearly a billion dollars. Daniel is also the Co-Founder of Green Meadow Ventures—a VC firm that​ invests in tech-enabled consumer and enterprise businesses.

During our chat, Daniel describes how being part of an entrepreneurial family and community informed his worldview, what he learned about investing from interning at his cousin's hedge fund, and his decision to start a digital agency instead of practicing law.  

He then talks us through how FabFitFun started life as a newsletter, was reborn as a subscription box then evolved into a personalized shopping platform built around helping people live their best lives. 

Daniel also explains how his own health issues influence how he thinks about the platform and lays out a vision for the company's future.

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