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Elon Musk

So the world's richest, most interesting man owns the social platform containing the "cheat codes for life." What happens next?  

Ryan Pallotta
Jeff Brines

Ryan and Prometheus' Lead Product Manager Jeff Brines talk about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter—the way the news is moving the market and dividing public opinion. 

In a lively, wide-ranging chat, they talk about the uniqueness of the world's richest person acquiring the social media platform the world's brightest minds choose to share their thoughts, providing—as Emmet Peppers deftly puts it—the cheat codes for life.  

They discuss Musk's superhuman ability to attract talent, whether the outcry around the acquisition holds up to scrutiny, and theorize on why Tesla's share price dropped 12%—or two Twitters—on the news. 

Ryan and Jeff also kick around the common perception of Elon. Specifically, how much of it doesn't jibe with his actions or lifestyle. They also touch upon what a privately held Twitter could look like and how a genuinely great mind may set about unlocking its value.

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