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Live Event

SPECIAL EP: Kyle Bass on China, Robert Mullin on energy, & Jordi Visser's thoughts on a recession. The experts debate it all.

Eric Rosen
Kyle Bass
Robert Mullin
Jordi Visser

Brilliant investors Kyle Bass, Jordi Visser, and Robert Mullin discuss the markets in 2023, the fed, energy prices, China and more. Stream the live event now.

Kyle Bass is the Co-Founder and CEO of Conservation Equity Management, a private equity firm focused on environmental sustainability and conservation. He is also the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund that generates returns through a combination of long and short positions based on macroeconomic trends and events. Kyle is widely recognized for his macroeconomic and global financial market investments, particularly his accurate prediction of the collapse of the US housing around the Global Financial Crisis.

Jordi Visser is the President and CIO at Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers, overseeing portfolio managers and managing overall risk. Jordi is the mastermind behind the Weiss Alternative Multi-Strategy Fund (WEISX) and brings extensive experience in global macro investing. Before joining Weiss in 2005, Jordi was the founding Managing Partner of Anchor Point Asset Management, a global macro fund. He also has a background in trading various global equity derivative books as a former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley.

Robert Mullin is the Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager of Marathon Resource Advisors and brings over 25 years of expertise in natural resource investing to the table. Marathon manages RAEIF LP, a strategy that invests across the global natural resource public equity markets and aims for capital gains and sustainable inflation-protected income. With a proven track record in managing portfolios and generating returns, Robert has led Marathon to become a leading player in the space.

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