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Spotify's stickiness, Netflix's road back, consumer price index predictions, ceasefire scenarios, and green energy's headwinds w/ Alex Beinfield

Ryan Pallotta
Alex Beinfield

Alex Beinfield is the founder of Blue Duck Capital Partners. 

This week, Alex with Ryan about the consumer price index for May, the possibility of a ceasefire in Ukraine, and how it could cause a collapse in commodities prices. He explains that another scenario is behind his decision to be long commodities refiners and short anything levered to the consumer feeling good.  

The tech, media, and telecom (TTM) sector is Alex's bread and butter. He explains why he remains bullish on Spotify in the wake of the company's investor day earlier this week and why a quadrupling market cap isn't out of the question. He also talks about Netflix will roar back by learning from its recent mistakes and shaking off complacency. 

Lastly, Alex talks about misperceptions about green energy and why switching from fossil fuels isn't going to be as easy as we'd all like it to be.  

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