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The art of guiding institutional investors through tumultuous times, w/ Daniel Clifton

Ryan Pallotta
Daniel Clifton

Today Ryan Pallotta is talking with Daniel Clifton, Partner and Head of Strategy research at Strategas Research Partners.  

With the mid-terms right around the corner, Daniel explains how he helps institutional investors make decisions as the political landscape shifts and policies change.

He describes a model that Strategas employs for predicting the outcome of presidential elections and explains why this model has gotten just about every election right, including 2016.

Daniel then talks about why he thinks the current environment is reminiscent of 1968, then indicators that will give us a better understanding of the depth and severity of the seemingly inevitable recession.

Daniel leaves us with a slew of predictions concerning the mid-terms, the outcome of the 2024 presidential election, Jerome Powell continuing to chair the Fed, and an October surprise from Vladimir Putin.


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