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The "dishonest" inflation reduction act, consumer behavior lag, investing against macro headwinds, and what's about to happen in China w/ Chris Blum

Ryan Pallotta
Chris Blum

Chris Blum is the CEO of Maximum Effort Holdings and formerly held several roles within JP Morgan, including Head of Global Equities and Head of Digital and Data Transformation.

Chris and Ryan get right into discussing the Inflation Reduction Act, with Chris explaining that it is, in fact, a climate bill, does little to tackle inflation and is an example of systemic dishonesty in Washington DC.

Chris then talks about the lag in the public's response to the economic climate in terms of how they are spending and why, without a sharp dose of economic pain, consumer behavior doesn't stop on a dime.

Ryan then asks Chris about how consumers are thinking about investing in assets at a time when macro events—Russia's war in Ukraine, for example—are causing volatility in the global markets. Chris talks about the importance of sticking to an investment plan and not getting fixated on headlines.

Chris then gives his thoughts on the loosening of COVID restrictions in Hong Kong and wh

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