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Influencer Marketing

The end of legacy brands. How celebrities are the future of investing in new companies w/ Jackie Fast

Ryan Pallotta
Jackie Fast

Jackie Fast is Founder and Managing Partner at Sandbox Studios. 

Sandbox is a unique fund that invests exclusively in talent-led businesses at the seed stage. Jackie's also the author of Rule Breaker: Rebellious Leadership for the Future of Work. 

In their chat, Jackie explains how she saw the opportunity to disrupt how celebrity-endorsed deals are put together and executed. 

Jackie goes on to describe aligning the objectives of a brand and talent, the importance of creating a structure that makes them want to support the brand, and the value of setting up a contract set up in such a way that allows for the celebrity to draw consumers to the brand long-term. 

Ryan and Jackie then touch upon the uptick in celebrities doing deals and the prospect of saturation in this area. 

Lastly, Jackie gives us her take on what the space will look like in the years ahead.

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