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What meme stock activity may signal, the pitfalls of being caught between investing styles, and why this is the most target-rich environment for multi-baggers since 2009 w/ Enrique Abeyta

Terry Beeman
Enrique Abeyta

Enrique Abeyta is a veteran "stock market warrior" and financial newsletter editor who chews up Twitter with an array of unfiltered perspectives on what's happening in the world and the world's markets.

Asked about what we should make of the return of meme stock activity, Enrique suggests that it could indicate a speedier market recovery than many expect.

He goes on to describe why this is the most target-rich environment for long-term, multi-baggers that he's seen in thirteen years and talks about the pitfalls of not having a set idea about the kind of investor you are.

Enrique later talks about his e-commerce platform Project M and how the company is poised to drop a new small-run vinyl project incorporating both NFT and NFC (near-field communication) technology. He explains that to be successful in e-commerce in 2022, products need to be rarer and more differentiated than ever before.

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