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Why signals don't indicate that this is a major bottom and why, when that bottom comes, it won’t be V-shaped w/ Christopher Verrone

Ryan Pallotta
Christopher Verrone

Christopher Verrone is a partner of Strategas, a leading institutional brokerage firm focused on providing macro research, capital market and corporate advisory services, and financial solutions to institutional investors and corporate executives worldwide. 

Today's podcast is a masterclass in understanding what's going on in the markets right now. 

Christopher tells us about his firm's approach of discovering what the market is telling us about the macro, as opposed to the other way around. 

He tells us how the disconnect between what the market is telling us and how consumers are behaving can be interpreted, explains why the current state of affairs doesn’t have the hallmarks of a signature bottom, and talks about why, when that bottom comes, it’s unlikely to be V-shaped. 

He goes on to remind us that leading companies in one decade rarely remain leaders in the next and talks about why energy went into this apparent bear market as a leader and will emerge from it as one too.

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